MacGregor and Ritter on Ukraine

MacGregor and Scott Ritter have helped keep us sane, during the recent unpleasantness in Ukraine.

Black Market Leadership® – Col Douglas Macgregor, Margin of Victory – FULL HOUR

“China is incapable of offensive operations.”

Tom Luongo is on fire.

Halsey News Network – Monday Money (Episode 34): Hungary with Tom Luongo

“The Germans are up to their eyeballs in debt and will fall apart quickly, when the Fed raises interest rates.”

Clinton Campaign, DNC Are Paying FEC Fines In Effort To Bury Story: Kash Patel

Luongo still hasn’t read Caleb Maupin’s book.

Kamala Harris & The Future of America: An Essay in Three Parts

I missed this.

Tucker: This is insulting

The Duran – The first casualty of War is Truth (Live w/Scott Ritter)

“The US military is a shadow of its former self.”

“There will be no Ukrainian insurgency against Russia.”

“Denazification is about delegitimizing the parties and holding the leaders accountable.”

“The Bandera statue in Lviv has to go boom.”

“There are going to be bigger problems than what Russia did to Ukraine.”

“The West made a fatal mistake in going to war with Russia.”

“Western sanctions of Russians promoted Russian nationalism.”

“Odessa will be taken and those responsible for the 2015 massacre will be tried.”

Gold, Goats and Guns – Podcast Episode #103 – Alex Krainer and the Fracturing Collateral of Empires

Over on Telegram, Luongo says BlackRock bought the Russian bonds from JPMorgan, which is refusing the payment.

US blocks Russia from making bond payments, upping pressure on Putin

Investors aren’t stupid and will stay away from markets being manipulated to score political points at their expense.

The Biden admin’s reckless behavior may trigger derivative unwinds and unprecedented calamity.

Regardless, paying the Saudi price to replace Russian crude, which replaced Venezuelan crude, means it’s soon gonna cost $200 to fill up an F150. And good luck cooling all that wasted space in the McMansion.

A fracker called yesterday, asking if I wanted to invest in West Texas oil production. Knowing the price to get it out of the ground is around $75 per barrel, I said no.

Hell, even if you buy fracked oil, it’s too light to crack into gasoline.

Just like Carter, Biden will fight inflation with price controls, which will simply result in scarcity. The only way to fight inflation is to raise interest rates.

Vanessa Beeley on Telegram:

“NATO officers from France, Germany, the UK and “neutral” Sweden are stuck in Mariupol, according to reports in Russian press, and are apparently attempting to negotiate an evacuation corridor with Russia forces.

What they were doing in Mariupol, so close to the front lines, is not clear.”

The bodies of NATO officers were also found in the rubble of Debaltseve in 2015.

Russian officers also lead from the front, per Clausewitz.

That’s right, some of the best Western journalists in Ukraine are women. Eva Bartlett watched the UAF shell Donbass homes at night, while OSCE inspectors were asleep. They demolish one house every night, and move on to the next street. It’s been happening since 2015.

Two French DGSE officers died in a helicopter crash, after attempting exfil from Mariupol, last week.

Nazis aren’t offered humanitarian corridors of escape.

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