How I Destroyed My FaceBook Page

Last night, I committed the unforgiveable indiscretion of posting Ukraine intel sourced on Telegram concerning NATO officers being exfilled from Mariupol, which is falling to the Russians.

This morning, my FaceBook account was besieged with hundreds of friend requests. I posted that it was probably the cyber warriors at US Cyber Command, but it was probably Crawdstrike in Kiev.

Regardless, the post was removed and my FB page has become unusable.

The post is back up, which indicates some FB supervision of this bot attack.

I thought they might have bricked my old PC at work, but it finally re-booted. I run Avast anti-virus and MalwareBytes.

I’ve unfriended the people I don’t know and the friend requests have stopped.

Meanwhile, I’m in Egypt with Jack Shaftoe as a galley slave on a pirate ship full of gold.

The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle

But tonight, I’m on my new Chromebook with Telegram, again.

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