Tuesday 4-12-2022

I got a call this morning from Brunswick County DSS.

“When was the last time you spoke to your mother?” she asked.

“I haven’t spoken to my mother in four years,” I replied.

“She’s not responding to knocks on the door. What can you tell us?” she asked.

“I spoke at length with my brother, yesterday, who had gotten a call from one of her neighbors indicating LEOs and ambulance had gone to her house,” I replied.

“Her granddaughter received a call from mom on Saturday, but didn’t answer because mom tells lies about us. I offered.”

I went on to tell the DSS employee that the Brunswick County Sheriff Dept. did an exhaustive investigation of our mother’s repeated claims that my brother and I live down there and regularly break in, defeating a burglar alarm, and rifle her home, looking for her will.

“Tod was recently served with a 50B restraining order, filed by our mother.”

Tod and I live four hours away from our mother. He’s been getting calls, almost weekly, from Brunswick County Sheriff Deputies, responding to mom’s most recent complaint.

DSS indicates to us that the Brunswick County Sheriff has made a decision to finally refer mom for a desperately needed clinical evaluation.

“At times, she appears to be perfectly normal,” the DSS officer said.

I informed her that mom has a .38 pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun.

“She was raised in the Chidren’s Home, and has been crazy all her life.”

“She has refused therapy, but my sessions indicate she has borderline personality disorder.”

“My brother and I will not approach our mother without an LEO present.”

One of mom’s greatest fears is that I will write about her someday, not understanding that I am ashamed, and constructs false narratives where my dad was the bad guy and I was the hero.

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