Biden Visits Greensboro

The POTUS visited NC A&T State University in Greensboro, yesterday, and whereas the pathetic spectacle of Biden ending his speech and turning to the right with his hand extended, with no one nearby to shake it, is all over Telegram, it is apparently not on YouTube.

I finished taking care of the yard, this afternoon, took a shower and headed to Harris-Teeter. I saw a black girl shaking her head, as we approached the store from the parking lot. She could already see there were no shopping carts waiting.

I entered and found no baskets available, so I walked over to the self checkout area and snagged one as it became available. The cashier said there weren’t enough employees to run the carts back to the store from the parking lot. In other words, the big black guy who did that full time was not at work.

The people who are attempting to ignore what happened to Biden in Greensboro are the same ones who fail to make eye contact in the grocery store. It didn’t start with the pandemic, but in 2016 and the election of Donald Trump.

They had no one to blame but themselves. The neocons had taken control of the DNC, fixed the primaries so as not to select Bernie Sanders and gave us the unelectable Hillary Clinton.

After 4 years of screaming bloody murder, they fixed the 2020 Presidential Election and committed the Capitol Riot false flag, as a reason to move on, while Supreme Courts all over the US held the Trump campaign had no standing to question the validity of the election.

You know you did it. We know you did it. And I’m making eye contact. I voted for Trump and have been pro-Russian since Hillary Clinton broke Ukraine in 2014. Fuck you. I’m here. Deal with it.

Every time Biden gives you another reason to regret stealing the election, I’ll be here to remind you of it.

Whereas I’m polite to everyone I meet, Fec is an incorrigible misanthrope and revels in the shit eaters who rank high on the Mass Formation Psychosis Index. Fec sees that they’ve backed the wrong side and been robbed of their honor and dignity. Now, they’re reduced to pretending their lives still matter and no one reminds them of what they’ve done.

Every day conditions get worse for them, as the Russians and Chinese continue to mock US foreign policy pratfalls. Like children, they increasingly believe that if they just ignore this unprecedented calamity it will eventually go away and they will not be held to account for their actions.

Good luck with that.

I killed Fec’s Twitter account, when Russia invaded Ukraine, because I felt he’d made his point and now was not a good time to pour salt in a gaping wound.

So, we’re listening to Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, while events inexorably play out on a daily basis to the continued disgrace of the Biden administration. You’re welcome to pretend they’re not happening. But Fec knows better.

Fec is not a nice person. But you who support Biden pretend that you are. This is mental disease. You’ve surrendered your souls to hatred of Trump supporters, without recognizing that a lot of us merely voted against Hillary and Biden. Babies and bath water.

John Michael Greer reminds us that ideologues like those who support Biden, and may not include the faculty and students at NC A&T, surrender their imagination and therefore lose empathy and moral clarity. They have surrendered to hatred.

Fec has perfectly good reasons for being a misanthrope and has spent years illustraing them. But he isn’t an ideologue and so has a vivid imagination, inhabits the minds of his victims and know that what he is doing is generally cruel, as comedy requires a victim.

As late night TV has established, ideologues aren’t funny. They resort to parroting the day’s message, where imagination, empathy and moral clarity are required to present irony.

Biden supporters have committed intellectual suicide. The physical effects are not far behind.

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