Don’t Speak. Don’t Explain. Just Act.

What happened to me in 2014 was an accident. I discovered that my government could not hide its crimes in #Ukraine, starting with #MH17 and continuing with the Maidan. I became a dedicated student of their actions and how to stop them.

I quickly became a huge fan of #Russia and the humane way they handled the #CIA and Obama’s State Dept. operating in #Ukraine. I became a student of the false flag – especially those bungled by #MI6. Like my masthead says, I am an insurgent.

I work for myself, have no children and one sibling. My OpSec is perfect, as I associate with no one I do not know. I cannot be controlled, because I am always where I should be. I hide in plain sight.

I’m watching El Candidato because I am a student of CIA and DEA operating in Mexico. What they are doing there, they will be doing here. I commit no illegal acts. Rather, my aim is to inspire those I will never know to do what they can to bring down our government.

Forget about strategy and concentrate on tactics. Prepare yourself to act, when the moment arises. I own no weapons, nor do I need any. I seek to strike fear in the hearts of those who rule us. I hope to motivate others to do what they can.

But make no mistake, I advocate violence, destruction of property and murder. I hope to inspire others to burn this government down, both locally and globally. Some men just want to watch it all burn. That is me.

I am not Batman. I am the Joker. I hunger for death, destruction, retribution and revenge. Evil is not genius. Rather, it is banal. They are rightly afraid of us. One politician, hanging from a light pole or a bridge, can shut down a city.

One city, paralyzed by fear of its citizens, sends a message to the rest. Rectitude can be enforced. Prepare yourselves to act, when the opportunity presents itself. Politicians count on inverted totalitarianism to keep us in line. They are badly educated and inexperienced.

Honest LEOs cannot live with the consequences of their actions. The DOJ says 10% are bad. This is a lie. Nearly all LEOs are perverted by a desire to control and punish. Have zero compunction about taking them down, whenever and wherever you can.

We are in a war, losing and not even putting up a fight. Our government counts on us destroying ourselves. Instead, destroy them. Make them afraid to leave their homes. Do not speak. Do not explain. Just act. You will be remembered well.

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