Friday 4-29-2022

The Wife and I have the flu, so I’m all hopped up on Sudafed and my superpowers of perception are greatly heightened. This went over really well on Twitter, this morning.

Last night, I hung out on Telegram with people who know what is happening in #Ukraine. They are concerned that a tactical nuke will be detonated and blamed on #Russia. The neocons are losing and running out of time.

Forget about US midterm elections in November. It will all be over by then. #Russia will do what is necessary to protect Russian speaking people in #Ukraine. Putin has warned that their response will be unprecendented and will target decision makers.

I’ve been making the argument that the best case scenerio is a Minimal Residual Radiation tactical nuke, such as was probably detonated by Israel beside a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate in Beirut.

I’ve also argued that #Russia has been in #Ukraine since 2014 and their excellent Foreign Service Bureau has infiltrated their government and reads their mail. If anybody can stop this madness, it is them.

Because I have been watching this since 2014, I believe that Putin and #Russia are perfectly positioned in this place and time to deal effectively with these insane Malthusian neocons in #Ukraine.

It is essential to remember that #Russia owned the battlefield in #Ukraine in 2014. Their #ECM and third generation warfare tactics, perfected in WWII, projected a no-fly zone and fought #NATO to a stand still.

As we progress through this insane Malthusian attempt by the oligarchs to destroy us, realize that their wealth is almost entirely on paper and can evanesce overnight.

Due to three generations of neoliberal destruction of governmental institutions, our leaders are miseducated and largely lack any real life experience. This should be a no-brainer. There is much reason to be hopeful.

We need to prepare ourselves, not for our own collapse, but that of our leaders, who will fold like cheap suits at the first stock market correction. When the correction occurs, time will slow to a crawl as events unfold with shocking rapidity.

My advice is that which I’ve used throughout the Interregnum: keep your head down and your powder dry. Keep debt as low as possible, so you’re not a slave to your job. Take care of those closest to you and remember that we are not the problem.

Maybe most of all, don’t blame yourselves. You are largely ignorant by design. I have sacrificed nearly every relationship by continuing to stare into the abyss. I probably took Joseph Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces too seriously.

In the heat of the coming battles, there will be many opportunities to slake your righteous indignation. Spend time now accurately recognizing the enemy and prioritizing revenge goals, so that you can enjoy the moment, later. This is going to be fun.

We’re not going to starve and we’re not going to die. We are going to relearn how to help each other. We are going to reconnect and enjoy each other. Our biggest problem will be not dying of laughter. It’s a good thing.

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