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Battling the Russian False Narrative

I got done shipping online orders early this morning and took the opportunity to go to Liberty and mow. I try to go once a month and was encouraged to see my efforts to grow grass were successful. I’d rented … Continue reading

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Jail the Billionaires

I just spent $50 to fill up my Nissan Frontier, the least expensive truck sold in the US, 30 months ago. And it’s going to get much worse, before it’s over, if it’s ever over. I think somebody should go … Continue reading

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I Don’t Trust Gonzalo Lira

Warning: I am sufficiently recovered from COVID that I was able to mow, which sharpens my superpowers of observation. I first became aware of Gonzalo Lira as Coach Red Pill on YouTube. The Wife and I celebrated our 26th wedding … Continue reading

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Do Not Call Us

I just had a long phone call with my brother about our mother. She lives in Brunswick County and needs to go into a retirement facility. Our relatives and her neighbors will not leave my brother alone. They call him … Continue reading

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Neocons Sit and Spin Over Ukraine

In response to the Russian military’s new policy in Ukraine of slowly grinding militants on the battlefield, Red State has taken advantage of Russian opposition to Putin reporting that he has cancer: The Telegram channel has insisted since November of … Continue reading

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Wodehouse in Exile

I’ve just finished Wodehouse in Exile, but I won’t ruin it by giving away the ending, other than to say that I am not Wodehouse, but neither are the Zionist neocons the Nazis. However, after defending Russians for eight years … Continue reading

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Kicking COVID

Bad things happen to everyone. The most you can hope for is that they happen at a convenient time. We’d been Pfizer jabbed in August, and given the side effects I suffered, I wasn’t up for a booster. So, when … Continue reading

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Waiting for the jokes to get better

For me, the road to serfdom in the direction of fake news and woke politics has been making turns back toward sanity, from the Maidan, Russia Gate, 2020 Presidential Election Fraud and the Capitol Riot, and initially caused by the … Continue reading

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