Wodehouse in Exile

I’ve just finished Wodehouse in Exile, but I won’t ruin it by giving away the ending, other than to say that I am not Wodehouse, but neither are the Zionist neocons the Nazis. However, after defending Russians for eight years in Ukraine and Syria, I feel vindicated by their continuing recent behavior.

The Nazis were, unlike the neocons, well educated, which served them in their deviousness. But the neocons who stole the election and run the US government suffer from three generations of neoliberalism in education, which ironically began by dumbing down the university system in order to matriculate the GIs after WWII.

I’m also no fan of conservatives who grovel before the feet of Trump, a populist with a fatal need to be loved. In that regard, I am his opposite, in that I would not accept the affection of these dullards on the right any more than the respect of the woke ideologues on the left. A pox on all your houses, I say.

And yet, all these years I have enjoyed the abiding friendship of a precious few who see the world as I do and I am grateful for them.

The battle for America which now exists is being fought by ignorami on both sides, it seems. Whereas the right is led by Christian evangelicals who indulge in apocalyptic magical thinking, the left is run by ideologues with no imagination, empathy or moral clarity. Between them is the narrow path of populism, which has a tragic history in America, littered with politicians like William Jennings Bryan.

But as ever, hiding in the shadows, like the Wizard of Oz, are the old money Europeans, who have recently convinced Europe to commit suicide, in their Satanic quest for a Great Reset and a bleak future of digital transhumanism. In that quest, the pandemic has failed and their Malthusian goals appear to have withered. We will make them pay for this, but a lot of poor people must die first.

There have been lots of unforeseen obstacles in their path, starting with Bitcoin and continuing with Elon Musk buying Twitter. Big Tech and their recently announced Ministry of Truth will fail, primarily because of their insistence on using synthetic personalities like Biden and Harris. RINOS on the right are equally ineffectual leaders and present an enormous political vacuum to be filled with thoughtfull socialists and libertarians.

I expect that between now and November all manner of national political calamity will entertain us, with red state politics occurring as usual as debt-ridden blue states explode. Fortunately, our military is woefully moribund and our police forces continue to fear for their lives.

The Balkanization of the US is certainly upon us and I plan to enjoy it. The SCOTUS is threatening to throw out Roe V. Wade, which would end abortion in Red States. The diaspora from blue cities and states has already begun and places like Texas and Florida will soon collapse from Libertarian government. Middle of the road states like North Carolina, strangled by a Libertarian legislature, but with a liberal governor, may come out ahead, in the end.

Regardless, Europe has gone insane in their racist hatred of Russia and will undoubtedly fail long before the US comes apart. I remain opposed to demonization of Russia and China and argue that we desperately need them and India, as the Global South finally throws off USD hegemony as practiced by the IMF and World Bank.

It will take a generation to rehab the previous two of Americans, and by that time East Asia and the Global South will be mighty competitors. The American Experiment may not be dead, but it certainly has challengers.

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