Battling the Russian False Narrative

I got done shipping online orders early this morning and took the opportunity to go to Liberty and mow. I try to go once a month and was encouraged to see my efforts to grow grass were successful.

I’d rented the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club House for years, but the tenants would never get up the leaves, ruining the yard. I spent last Summer rolling up ground ivy, which had taken over the back yard. I’ve been getting up the leaves each year since I kicked out my last tenant, three or four years ago. I put down lime, fertilizer and grass seed in the Fall, and planted rows of monkey grass, just in case the grass didn’t come up, and also because I’d pulled up a ton of it at the Wife’s house.

On the drive back to Greensboro, I listened to Sean Hannity on the radio. What an idiot, with his warmongering against Russia and China, on behalf of FOX News’ corporate sponsors. Thank God for Tucker Carlson.

I’m actively blocking anyone on Twitter who supports Ukraine. I haven’t spent eight years battling the Russian false narrative, to put up with these idiots. It’s bad enough I have to stomach the necocons in the White House. I’ll be damned if I put up with warmongers on the Right.

In other words, I increasingly keep my opinions to myself at work. The Wife tolerates my opinions, but doesn’t want me expressing them to the employees and customers. It’s cool – payback will be Hell. And there are lots of people on Twitter and Facebook who support my convictions.

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