This Ain’t Freaking Florida

Yesterday, the Wife closed the deal with Champion on the Florida room.

She had just returned from taking her mom to Carlisle, PA for her 65th year college reunion.

Nearly everyone I know has come down with a cold from a superspreader event.

Meanwhile, I spent last week in the backyard, trimming the holly bushes and forsythia, getting lots of sun and vitamin D.

It was very lonely, but at least I’m not sick.

Being out there this week would be like walking on the sun.

I watched The Offer on Paramount this weekend.

Last night, we finished watching 1883.

Excellent entertainment.

JFC, what a day. Our giant HVAC system at work stopped working around noon.

The condensation pan filled up and tripped the cut-off sensor, so I bailed out the water and it started up again.

Meanwhile, I returned home and retrieved our two portable AC units, which I used to help cool the store.

I just got off the phone with my brother, who said he went through the same thing at work.

He said this front came out of Canada, and the Northeast, which does not have AC, is suffering the same conditions.

The same thing goes for Europe. This weather is deadly for those with respiratory problems.

HVAC people have been called to unclog the condensation drain.

These people are not plumbers.

Crypto Markets Quiver Amid Three Arrows Capital Solvency Questions

The hedge funds are pumping rubes to buy cryptos they are dumping. Jordan Belfort spent two years in prison for this.

“$400M of Three Arrows’ positions have been liquidated already. Crypto analyst Onchain Wizard reports that another $300M is at risk of liquidation on Aave and Compound if the market continues to crater.”

“3AC collapse is monumental. This is because they borrow from EVERY SINGLE MAJOR lender.”

The quants optimized arbitrage in HFT years ago and became slum lords in a desperate search for yield.

Now, they’ve bailed into crypto with borrowed money.

Beyond reckless.

As we’ve come to expect, crypto isn’t being hammered by a Black Swan event or even a malevolent actor, but the abject stupidity of desperate markets.

Systemic risk from regulatory capture, once again.

“We might see prices going below 10k. After all, we have had the perfect storm for a run up (QE etc) now we have the perfect storm for major deleveraging across all financial assets (rate hikes, QT, inflation).”

“If you are wondering why BTC and ETH are the first to be sold off, its because in a crisis, you sell what you can. Not what you want. There is no liquidity for shitcoins/ “alts”/ dreams.”

Top comment:

“Luckily for me I have an online picture of a bored cartoon ape face that I paid 3 million dollars for, so the failure of crypto shouldn’t affect me.”

What is going on in Guilford County, regarding the Jewish NIMBY landlords and poor people continuing to die with #COVID19, reminds me of nothing so much as #Israel‘s war crimes against the Palestinians.

Three years on, we’re stilling losing nearly one Guilford County citizen with COVID per day.

Nobody is saying a fucking word.

I just returned from taking the Wife to pick up Darth Beetle at the VW Dealership off Guilford College – Jamestown Road.

Between the embecilic road design, the indecipherable signage and drivers making love to their cell phones, it was an horrendous adventure.

But I got takeout from Big Burger Spot, which made up for it.

On the way back, a news report complained that no one wants to be a Guilford County Sheriff deputy.

Who can blame them?

The plumber unclogged the HVAC drain at the store.

Most of what is wrong with the property is the result of years of the landlord using cheap knuckleheads to do the work.

Every time the property manager and electrician, roofer or plumber respond to a problem, they begin by shaking their head in disbelief.

This behavior over decades has resulted in a Rube Goldberg Greensboro, where nothing works right, and Nazi inspectors seek to remedy.

We were recently subjected to two sales presentations from local home improvement companies. Both indicated Guilford County building inspectors were a special problem.

It doesn’t make sense, until you understand that decades of cheap landlord behavior present a clear need for draconian enforcement.

Another aspect of the Greensboro problem relates to these Jewish NIMBY landlords continuing to run things until they die, so that the grey-haired trust fund kids have no idea what to do about the properties they are inheriting.

In this sense, the local COVID19 Boomer Purge merely accelerates an already existing problem.

At least that Schiffman’s kid will be able to sell jewelry.

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