A Day in Greensboro

This morning, around 11, we took Darth Beetle downtown to the Greensboro Jewelry Show. We shoe-horned our compact car into the tiny parking spaces at the Special Events Center, and avoided the semi-naked swimmers from the Aquatic Center, to register and enter the show, where the Wife, after 22 years, was feted as a potentate.

I stood beside trash cans and held the rapidly increasing number of bags.

Out of there, we headed for Walker Ave, and took a table at Stix and Stones, where all manner of calamity ensued, involving the creative use of wood-fired pizza, wings and Belgian beers.

Properly fortified, we returned home and divested Darth Beetle of the booty, acquired at wholesale.

Then it was off to the pavilion at Kau, in Revolution Mill, for Allagash White and collard green cream cheese bacon dip.

Back home, the Wife is sleeping off her several gins and tonic.

It is possible to avoid downtown, have a great time, and only deal with local owners.

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