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Coping With Stress

The Kabbalah says the world will grind to a halt as the world gets too complicated to live in. The Bank of Dumb Rednecks is losing the Wife’s deposits posted online. Harris-Teeter had one register open for the 3:00 rush. … Continue reading

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Fighting for the Customer

As #Greensboro inexorably approaches the gaping maw of Dystopia, I want to talk about customer relationships. I wrote custom software for 25 years, before being pushed out by the internet. For the last eight years, I’ve run the Wife’s ecommerce … Continue reading

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I say things you don’t want to hear

I made my weekly call to the brother, today. He only calls me when something is wrong. Still, he takes my calls, even though he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. He sat through the conversations about … Continue reading

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