Just Say No

I’ve been out of work for three weeks.

It is entirely my fault.

After eight years, I could simply no longer run an ecommerce site out of the Wife’s dress store.

The reasons were many, and continued to stack up, but I’m not blaming anybody.

I’ve spent the time being humiliated by the process of looking for a job.

I could always get a job at Food Lion, I suppose.

The Wife continues to pay me and is arranging to cash in my life insurance, a Roth IRA and activate Social Security.

The FTX fiasco has shown just how corrupt the alliance between COVID and crypto were.

The Kabbalah says the world will end when the world gets too complicated.

I’m not aware it says anything about perfidy.

So, I continue to spend each day in front of the computer, putting up stuff on social media.

After spending eight years attempting to raise consciousness and battling the Russian false narrative, I’m seeing results.

I spend all my time reading and listening to the smartest people I can find and the things they are writing and saying are not good.

Things are going to get much worse, before they begin to get better.

If they get better. The flag almost went up in Poland, last week, when Ukraine fired and S300 at a Polish military base holding annual artillery drills.

Thankfully, the Soviet era missile malfunctioned and killed a couple of farmers, instead.

Prices for energy are inevitably going to rise for at least the next five years.

I’m assisting my natural gas heat with a kerosene heater, which is currently $7.35 per gallon.

It just occurred to me that all I have to do is put it in my bedroom, close the door and go to sleep.

That is how I will go.

But not now.

When the time comes.

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