Zelensky Addresses Congress

When I think about being one of Mike Rowe’s seven million unemployed men, as the Wife had six trees removed and created an horrible mess for me to clean up, I see things like Zelensky’s visit to DC as among the reasons a lot of us have simply said, no.

To have battled the Russian false narrative since 2014, only to see this occur, is far less than encouraging. It merely proves once again that the neocons will pull every stunt possible to have their way, and to stick it to us as hard as possible in the process.

Top Republican reveals ‘number one priority’

Making sure the Defense Department can deal with the major threats coming from Russia and China, providing assistance for the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians, that’s the number one priority of the United States right now, according to most Republicans,” McConnell said during the press conference.

House Minority Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-California), who promised no more “blank checks” to Ukraine if Republicans retook the House of Representatives, also came out against the omnibus bill. He warned McConnell that any legislation he brought to the floor would be “dead on arrival” in the coming congressional term if the senator backed the package, which McConnell’s fellow Kentucky senator Rand Paul condemned as “$1.7 trillion in hazardous debt.”

Biden explains why Zelensky can’t get everything he wants

“Giving Kiev all the weapons it wants might break NATO, US President Joe Biden said in a joint appearance with his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky in Washington on Wednesday. Biden added he was not worried the delivery of Patriot missiles to Ukraine might escalate tensions with Russia – as Moscow has warned – because they’re “defensive” weapons.”

Tucker Carlson: Where does Zelensky get off talking to us like this?

Russia Blasts Zelensky’s “Hollywood-Style Trip” In Furtherance Of US “Proxy War”

“The Hollywood-style trip to Washington by the head of the Kiev regime has confirmed that the administration’s conciliatory statements about the lack of intention to start a confrontation with Russia are just empty words,” Russian ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said in fresh statements.

“What was essentially announced to applause and sarcastic smirks, was the need to continue the ‘proxy war’ against our country. Until a complete victory over us,” he added.

“The supply of weapons continues and the range of supplied weapons is expanding. All of this, of course, leads to an aggravation of the conflict. This does not bode well for Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov had said.

Russia reacts to Red Cross office shelling in Donetsk

Russia has expressed solidarity with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), whose office in Donetsk was hit by artillery fire on Monday night. The global community should recognize Kiev’s responsibility for this and other incidents, the Foreign Ministry suggested.

The shelling was “expected,” considering the years-long indiscriminate attacks on the city by Ukrainian forces, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during her daily briefing on Thursday.

“Even this will not be a reason for the international bureaucracy to get the courage to reject the bland lies of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky…about purported ‘self-shelling’ in Donbass,” the diplomat predicted.

Zakharova noted that over roughly the last two weeks, 21 Donetsk residents had been killed and 94 others injured. She blamed Ukrainian forces for the civilian losses.

The EU’s freeze of Russian media assets is a perversion of its own principles

“Apparently, it wasn’t enough for the European Union to block access to media outlets on TV and radio, and demand that YouTube and all social media restrict access to them across Europe. Now, with a ninth round of sanctions, they’ve frozen the assets and funds of various media outlets, including RT’s parent company ANO TV-Novosti. “Through its subordinate media outlets, including RT, it spread pro-Kremlin propaganda and disinformation, and supported Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine,” according to the new sanctions announcement.”

The EU alleges without any specific details or qualification that the media outlet “supported, materially or financially, actions which undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.”

As former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

“There’s a big difference between actual disinformation or misinformation on the one hand, and information or analysis that you just don’t like on the other.”

More than half of US House Republicans ditched Zelensky’s speech – media 

Only 86 out of 213 Republican members of the US House of Representatives showed up to hear Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky address Congress in Washington on Wednesday, according to The Hill. The snub occurred after the House Foreign Affairs Committee narrowly rejected the proposal for an audit of military and other aid to Ukraine earlier this month.

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