The Death of Patriotism

My rather long podcast, this morning.

The Zero Hedge article, to which I refer.

I created my first Google Blogger account in 2005. Since then, I’ve gone on to disastrously host a series of WordPress blogs, as I entertained the good citizens of Greensboro by terrorizing its leaders.

In 2010, I was fortunate to be there when the Tea Party was born. the Guilford County chapter was started by two women: the wife of a strip club owner and the wife of a convicted ephebophile. Let’s just say the jokes wrote themselves.

I ended up getting sued and thrown out of the house. I removed said blog from the internet, satisfied the plaintiffs, with the help of a NYC pro bono First Amendment attorney, and they went away.

The settlement got good press, and I was semi-famous for a time. I got particularly good at picking apart the logic of the Christofascists, with the help of books on authoritarianism and Chris Hedges’ American Fascists.

In 2014, Hillary Clinton broke Ukraine and I immediately fell for the Russians, as they offered humanitarian assistance to Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, which would be shelled every night for the next eight years.

In 2016, I attempted to understand the populist appeal of Trump and watched as he drive those on the Left insane. To this day, listening to the man makes my skin crawl. Half the shit he says in his rallies isn’t true. But his appeal is undeniable.

What I wouldn’t give for a legit classic liberal Left, right now. The Russiagate propaganda totally captured the media and Obama stole the 2020 Presidential Election. You will never make me believe otherwise. I was there and I saw it.

To get it done, the media ignored the Hunter Biden laptop, and the FBI policed social media. So, now his father is a mockery of the Presidency, and Obama appointees are a laughing stock on immigration and foreign policy.

Russia finally invaded Ukraine last year, and has wiped the floor with NATO, so far. The Reagan/Gorbachev love affair precipitated the fall of the Soviet Union and brought ten years of oligarchs debauching the Russian econmony, before Putin arrived and began to put things right.

Nearly eighty years of nuclear threat inflation has resulted in Russia having the finest military in the world. Meanwhile, neoliberalism has destroyed the West to the extent NATO can no longer field a military force. The knuckleheads running foreign policy invented rules-based orders to circumvent international law and economic sanctions as a form of warfare.

The pilfering of our schools resulted in an ignorant society, addicted to materialism, hopelessly in debt and powerless to affect change. Woke DEI policies drove the Left insane, such that they are unreachable with appeals to compassion and common sense.

We’ve created a generation of people who will never own a home because they must compete with pension fund managers like BlackRock, which supp at the 0% Fed Discount Window. Worse, landlords took a beating during COVID and renters will never get current.

The media has been co-opted to the point that truth tellers are either banned or shut down. Responsible journalists like Chris Hedges struggle to find a place to share their essential journalism. Whereas there is a market for conservatives like Jordan Peterson, pure liberals like Hedges seem doomed to silence.

Of course, Peterson embraced the insane Zionists. Hedges never will. Neither will I.

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