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How I Destroyed My FaceBook Page

Last night, I committed the unforgiveable indiscretion of posting Ukraine intel sourced on Telegram concerning NATO officers being exfilled from Mariupol, which is falling to the Russians. This morning, my FaceBook account was besieged with hundreds of friend requests. I … Continue reading

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Banned by Facebook

Update: 16:30: No longer banned, apparently. It appears that I am unable to publish new posts on #Facebook. I immediately changed the header to my version of a MAGA hat and am commenting there. I don’t read #Facebook and only … Continue reading

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Cambridge Analytica

From  Carole Cadwalladr at The Guardian: Robert Mercer was a pioneer in AI and machine translation. He helped invent algorithmic trading – which replaced hedge fund managers with computer programs… The gays. [Rebekah Mercer] loved the gays. So did Steve [Bannon]. He … Continue reading

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