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The Castle of Heroes

By John Michael Greer at Ecosophia Abridged by me to appear on Twitter. “Marie Corelli has been all but deleted from the history of Victorian literature. Her unforgivable sin was that her bestselling novels view the world through the perspective … Continue reading

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America and Russia

From John Michael Greer: America and Russia, Part One: Stirrings in the Borderlands Petroleum is a finite, nonrenewable, and irreplaceable resource, and we’re burning it at a rate of some 93 million barrels every single day… With each passing year, … Continue reading

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From John Michael Greer, three weeks ago: The secrets of occultism aren’t secret because somebody chooses to hide them. They’re secret because you can’t understand them unless you’ve had certain experiences, and you won’t get those experiences unless you put … Continue reading

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Demise of the Christofascists

From John Michael Greer: [T]he absurdity of Christians in America supporting a political agenda that directly contradicts the teachings of Christ has begun to sink in, in a big way, among young American Protestants. The devil’s bargain by which the … Continue reading

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Moral Warptitude

From John Michael Greer: There are traditional Discordian titles for these stages. The first, thesis, is the state of Chaos, when a group of human beings look out at the bubbling, boiling confusion of actual existence and decide to impose … Continue reading

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The Coming of the Postliberal Era

From John Michael Greer: Any of my readers who think that the naive and effervescent idealism of the 1960s was anything new need to read Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Blithedale Romance; it’s set in the Massachusetts counterculture of the early nineteenth … Continue reading

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Robots, Automation, and a Universal Basic Income

From Justin Miller: According to the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors,83 percent of the jobs paying less than $20 an hour are projected to be impacted by automation… All this is giving rise to the call for a universal … Continue reading

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