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Coming Together in Liberty

I was in the Liberty Food Lion, yesterday morning, when the power went off. Rather than complain, everybody moved to the registers and got checked out, during the fifteen minutes of emergency power. Meanwhile, North of Liberty on 421, they’re … Continue reading

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Discretion is the Better Part of Twitter

This morning, after eight years, I deactivated my pro-Russian Twitter account. I’d done about all I could to battle the false narrative and had mocked the locals until I tired of punching down. Visa and Mastercard cutting off access to … Continue reading

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Liberty, North Carolina

Elderly couple assaulted in Guilford County home invasion I have a plan for living where people are starving: – Open your blinds – Don’t own anything – Be there as little as possible. Old people on fixed incomes are easy targets. … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes Against First Responders

I heard this on the radio today, and the big neon sign in my head screamed, “No!”: RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Felony “hate crimes” for people who assault North Carolina firefighters, police officers and other medical personnel and who lure … Continue reading

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HB2 Cowardice

The Wife and I own a small business and I spent my career helping small businesses. From the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President, North Carolina NAACP and leader of ‘Moral Mondays’: In light of all the wrongs perpetrated by … Continue reading

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Putin is a Great American

I have this pic on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and it might be enough to get me censored, if not actually arrested for treason.  It’s not like I fly my freak flag all the time.  I obey the traffic … Continue reading

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