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US in Social Decline

From MoA: “The gravest national security threat facing America is its collective indifference to the steady deterioration of living standards within the United States.” – Micah Zenko His tweet was in response to the 2017 CDC report on mortality in the United … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Poverty

From F. William Engdahl: China is by far Iran’s largest customer for its oil, importing some 650,000 barrels daily of the recent total export by Iran around 2.5 million barrels a day. India is second largest with around 500,000 a day … Continue reading

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We’re Not Going to the Stars

From John Michael Greer: As tenured academics stopped turning up their noses at “all that Buck Rogers stuff,” as a handful of the more literary SF authors found their work being reviewed in highbrow periodicals and the genre as a … Continue reading

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He-Man Woman Hater’s University

I mowed the Wife’s yard yesterday and mine today after church let out.  She’s off to Raleigh with her mom in Fun Machine 2 for a baby shower.  I drove Fun Machine 1, even though it’s for sale on Craigslist. … Continue reading

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