More Fake News

I have Alan Parson Project The Raven going on Pandora, a six pack of Red Nose and just called in refills for all my drugs.  The pharmacy is a block away from the store, just like my excellent mechanic.  It turns out the fun machine gained a bunch of HP with the new timing belt.  A kid ran into the driver’s side during a race on Willoughby, but he had out-of-state plates and one window gone on an old Suburban, so I let him off with an admonishment to take those curves a bit tighter.

Look, when the WaPo tarred us all with being fake news a few weeks ago, I was kinda pissed to be associated with Brietbart, Drudge and Alex Jones.  Jeepers, all these years I managed to trod the boards, online as it were, without alluding to birthers and 9/11 theorists.  I worked the economic side of the street, confident that politics was all about money.  Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism have served me well with aggregated content.

Right now, my mind has gone blank regarding what I wanted to say, but I merely need peruse my Twitter and Facebook pages to be reminded.  Be right back.  (Look, goddammit, I had to audit the fucking eBay inventory, today.  It’s like working with dogshit.)

German journalists have uncovered some of the details of Facebook’s censorship effort using the Poynter Institute, funded by George Soros and Pierre Omidyar.   The latter’s Intercept has done a good job maintaining objectivity in a world poisoned with authoritarianism.  And as you might imagine, censorship begins sensibly.

The whole time I was building my Trumptard echo chamber on Twitter before the election, I kept seeing pics of this cartoon green frog.  Well, apparently, his name is Peppy and he’s been misappropriated by the white supremacists.  I find it hilarious that the source of this particular intel is Fash Nation, as in fascist.  I screwed around with anarchy a few years ago, but it was hard to be married and write software for insurance companies.  These kids are way down that road, while I’m just hanging out with Ron Paul.

The paleocons include various elements of the southern neo-confederacy as happily documented by the SPLC.  These are some nasty people.  They’ve waited 150 years to shoot and hang black and brown people.  Trump encourages them, unfortunately.  So, here I am, surfing this nascent political Tsunami: there’s a green frog out here, who has this nasty-ass racist monkey on his back; a bunch of gun-toting skinheads; half the people I’m kin to; some whacked out NCGOP legislators and their defeated governor; a bunch of Christofascist jihadists ;and more goddamn selfish Libertarians than you wanna think about.  And sitting on the beach, about to be obliterated is the welfare class, who are literally scared out of their wits.  Jesus wept.

I have to turn the stereo up, as my guitar is very loud.

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