Sunni NATO

From South Front:

The United States and 55 Muslim-majority states have signed a pact pledging to provide a 34,000-strong ‘reserve force’ for defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, declaring Saudi Arabia a key regional player for conducting counter-terrorism operations in the Middle East and blaming Iran for destabilizing the region.

The document was signed during the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh in which US President Donald Trump participated.

From the comments at The Saker:

If anything happens, it will be used in Yemen.

Introducing more nations’ ground forces would mean covering them in the air without Russian permission in Syria. That would be called target practice for Russian Aerospace pilots…

Nothing more lame than a united Arab alliance. They have not won since the Crusades…

Its a perfect plan for the US. Let the Sunni states attack Iran. And claim Iranian aggression if they strike back.

Regarding the $350B Saudi weapons deal:

The CEO’s will get salary bumps to their already inflated compensation, plus some big bonus checks. The portion of the 1% that invests their money into these “defense stocks” will do well. But the American taxpayer won’t see a penny of any of this. The American taxpayer paid the costs of the trip, and is already being told that people need to starve and go without medical care so that they can pay exorbitant costs and costs overruns to pay for the development of new weapons that some future President will help sell…

A strange geopolitical fact is, that roughly 80% of the oil in the Middle East is located in areas where mainly Shia muslims live…

Donald Trump has indirectly sold weapons to ISIS.

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