Trump’s Brilliant Misdirection

I was sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe Downtown Atlanta when I learned that Trump had ordered 59 Tomahawks launched at what turned out to be a military junkyard outside Damascus.  By doing so, he thrilled the neocon warmongers.

The next time, although I’m sure there are more, that Trump used misdirection was approving Obama’s Saudi arms deal for things which have yet to be built.  This emboldened the KSA to attack Qatar, moving them closer to an alliance with Iran, a Zionist goal.  And since Qatar has our largest foreign base, no big deal.

Trump’s wild gesticulations toward North Korea don’t make sense, as it is highly unlikely they have developed an ICBM reentry vehicle capable of withstanding 7000C degrees and 50Gs deceleration.  The US hasn’t tested one since 1962, so it’s highly likely we don’t have one either.

It turns out Pyongyang has been asking for de-nuclearization talks for years, but US policy has been to ignore it.  China has sold the DPRK equipment to design missiles and Russian physicists are helping with primitive nuclear weapons.  The Norks do a lot of manufacturing which is sold as Made in China, who responded to UN sanctions by closing a road on the border, but leaving open the road to North Korea most traveled.

Trump is not being played for a fool, but is part of a grand ruse to accommodate the Zionist neocon warmongers in Deep State.  Meanwhile, reps from Russia, China, Japan and both Koreas met in Vladivostok a couple of weeks ago to iron out plans for a railway and pipeline to run through North Korea, connecting South Korea to East Asia.  Nork ports will also be improved for more traffic.  Make no mistake, despite decades of sanctions, North Korea prospers, thanks to Russia and China.

Trump’s latest misdirection is his greatest.  He well knows the US military, just like NASA, can’t order lunch without fucking it up.  Faced with an Ashkenazi son-in-law, he surrounded himself with the very best generals and gave them carte blanche to prosecute the illegal war in Syria.  The result is that we lost.

The same thing is happening in Astan.  Trump is giving these ultimate yes men sufficient rope to hang themselves and the Pentagon.  Then he can use the recently approved $700B for the military to fix places like Texas and Florida.

He gives the Russians two days to vacate US properties and they pretend that damage to our relationship is irreparable.  Trump can enjoy dinner with Ivanka and everyone involved laughs at Jared.

Nikki Haley is encouraged to channel Samantha Power at the UN, while Tillerson guts the State Dept.

Trump crosses the aisle to get funding for Harvey and the debt ceiling, greatly injuring a recalcitrant GOP Congress.

Having written at least two books on domestic and foreign policy, Trump cut Bannon loose to answer charges he isn’t his own man.

He acknowledged a US military base in Israel which has actually been there for twenty years.

Trump is a master of misdirection and is doing great things to advance the causes of peace and prosperity.

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