Thursday 3-24-2022

Alex Christoforou – Lavrov explains regime change strategy targeting Russia & China. Kherson adopts ruble. Update 2

The Saker – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: Leaders of Russia management competition, Moscow, March 19, 2022

“Russia is the last hurdle before China.”

Alex Christoforou – Gas for rubles. CNN prepares readers for East Army collapse. China backs Russia twice. Update 1

Alexander Mercouris – Russia Continues Advance in Ukraine as West Finds Itself Facing an Economic War

The Duran – Biden, NATO, UK, Poland ponder options to counter Russia

Richard Medhurst – SHOCKING! Assad Spills Truth About Ukraine Conflict and NATO

“The West has no principles.”

The Gray Zone – The battle for Ukraine, with ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

“Georgia and Ukraine have learned the US military will never be there for you.

NATO is a scared organization that doesn’t know what to do.

We got rid of the Russian experts years ago and replaced them with ideologues.

By siezing Russian foreign monetary reserves, the West has defaulted and will now pay for everything in Rubles.

The CIA ruins everything. There is nothing honorable about what they do.

The Russians own Ukrainian intelligence services.

The Russians are actively trying to keep Zelensky in power and in Kiev.

Nazis are the perfect bait.”

Alexander Mercouris – Battle of Donbass Intensifies, Russia Advances South from Izyum, NATO in ‘Sober Mood’

The Duran – NATO, Biden, Ukraine, Russia and China

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