Coping With Stress

The Kabbalah says the world will grind to a halt as the world gets too complicated to live in.

The Bank of Dumb Rednecks is losing the Wife’s deposits posted online.

Harris-Teeter had one register open for the 3:00 rush.

People are dropping out, perhaps having made the decision it’s just not worth it.

We really need to double the minimum wage, at least.

It’s a lot easier for me, as I gave up tribalism years ago and became a dedicated doomer.

We don’t have kids or a lot of debt.

I enjoy my job, but the Wife hates her’s on days like today.

As an insurgent, my OpSec is perfect, meaning I don’t talk to anyone. That obviates a ton of hassles.

I simply find that I’m happier if I spend all my spare time finding out what is happening.

Of course, I can’t talk to anyone, as no one understands me.

As a Conservative, I’m not worried about cultural Marxism or social justice. I’m the gender I was born with and I don’t care if women have abortions, but I think it should be legal.

Having chased Hillary Clinton for eight years and battled the Russian false narrative, I’m actually thrilled with the war in Ukraine, as NATO is getting what it deserves.

I didn’t lose any more Bitcoin than I could afford. But I can see how these things can stress people out, who don’t know better.

I think we’re getting to the point that ignorance can threaten your well being. Worse, most people are afraid to find out what is actually happening.

And I take action to make life better, when I can, like giving my GP the heave ho, once the BS got too deep.

The pandemic has added a huge amount of stress for some people, especially those with co-morbidities.

Despite my best efforts to find out, there are lots of things it is impossible to know, especially regarding medical science.

The current federal government is a real stressor for those who support it. Conservatives are overdosing on Schadenfreude, after stomaching 2022 Presidential election fraud and the January 6th false flag. But to be fair, W used the Florida AG to beat Al Gore.

We don’t watch the news. The nonstop fearmongering is mostly propaganda designed to keep us on our heels, so we don’t revolt en masse. The FBI triggers a school shooting every couple of weeks and Russia and China are always on the brink of declaring war on us.

I got tired of the warmongering as a child in the sixties. Nuclear threat inflation created the current Russian military, but I never thought about joining up to be a baby killer. Perhaps it’s my Quaker upbringing.

A lot of people are going to get what’s coming to them, and I want to be around to see it. This fires my incessant curiosity and it is an increasingly target rich environment. I hate to go to bed at night and can’t wait to get up in the morning, especially now, with Russia finally opening a can of whoop ass.

The Chinese banks are in trouble and Canada and Europe are folding like cheap suits.

And 4Chan has 450G of Hunter Biden material to torture his evil dad with. It’s glorious.

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