No Maidan in Belarus

From Sputnik News:

The US Embassy in Belarus is demanding that Belarusian authorities release all protesters detained at Saturday’s unauthorized rally in Minsk. The request comes just days following revelations that US aid agencies have increased their spending on ‘democracy promotion’ initiatives in Belarus to the tune of several million dollars…

The US request comes just days after revelations in Russian-language media that US agencies and NGOs, including USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy, have raised the amounts earmarked for media, human rights and civil society initiatives in Belarus. For example, USAID committed $9 million in support for ‘democracy development’ in 2017, compared with $8.3 million in 2016 and $7 million in 2015. The State Department and other government and private organizations have committed millions of dollars more on other initiatives, including the training of independent journalists.

From Sputnik News:

Respected Russian foreign affairs commentator Mikhail Demurin warns that Moscow must not allow the EU or the US to pull Belarus out of Russia’s strategic orbit…

“Over the past quarter-century, the West has made a tremendous effort in working to ‘reformat Belarusian brains’. They have built a mechanism of influence consisting of hundreds of projects by a number of international and regional organizations (including those, such as the OSCE, where Russia is a full-fledged participant), [sponsored the] activities of numerous ‘assistance’ programs, like those of USAID, and most importantly, have worked within the framework of the EU’s Eastern Partnership program, which has already proved its effectiveness in ‘hacking’ into Ukraine.”..

“Has Belarus’s pro-Western elite taken the necessary lessons from Ukraine’s history? Do they understand that they can get sucked in, that a Maidan will be organized, and that as soon as the regime changes, so too will its moderate representatives be pushed aside?”

From The Saker:

[E]veryone understood that Belarus would be next to be hit by the deep state operatives in their attempt to initiate a reality game of a “War in Belorussia,” that could be blamed on Russia.

The globalists succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in Ukraine, but they failed in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. As I covered prior in my article “Give the falling CIA APUSH,” the CIA, being an operational arm of the deep state, in order to destroy Russia has planned to instill the chaos and wars into all the former Soviet Republics…

March of 2017 has been chosen by the globalists as the “Hour Zero” point for the beginning of an anti-government operation

One of the detainees revealed that they had to oppose pro-Russian forces which could allegedly attack a column of protesters. It means that some others were supposed to act as “pro-Russian” fighters to attack the demonstrators. The plan was for these two groups to pretend fighting with each other, in the process killing the demonstrators and the police…

The law enforcement in Belarus reported arrests of several members of the White Legion. The Police found three M4 carbines, a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle, ammunition, bulletproofed vests,  and also printed in Ukraine materials for militants of the “volunteer armed formations.”..

In essence, it is the same snake nest of neocons, known and recognizable. To destroy this nest, the national security services have to take them out one by one. But they have to start with their network of local affiliates to bring down with them both bearers of human disaster and misery, those including Fiona Gibbs and Fiona Hill.

From the comments:

In a truly amazing admission, Michael G. Kozak, a former U.S. Ambassador to Belarus, bluntly stated in a letter to The Guardian that America’s “objective and to some degree methodology are the same” in Belarus as in Nicaragua, where the U.S. backed the Contras against the left-wing Sandinista Government.

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