The Horror of Yemen

From MoA:

Yemen is on the verge of another catastrophic event. The Saudi and United Arab Emirates plan to take the Red Sea port Hodeidah through which most of the food supplies to Yemen’s come in.

The port is already under blockade and all ships are strictly controlled. Saudi ‘inspections’ of ships already taking so long that some food rots before it can reach land…

Eighteen out of twenty-six million Yemenis may soon die of hunger…

The Saudis managed to take the flat desert areas in the east and the UAE took the southern coast but all their attempts to move into the mountainous western core of Yemen have failed. ..

Emirate supported troops (blue arrow) are now only 20 kilometers away from Hodeidah…

The Saudis and Emirates control the borders. The ports are under Saudi blockade and tightly controlled…

The U.S. is already coordinating the intelligence for the Saudi/UAE Yemen operation and is providing the ammunition as well as the aerial refueling for the daily bombing runs.

From Debsisdead in the comments:

I dunno what the number is, but it isn’t very high and I’m certain that the arseholes who push out the skripal, gouta and Masih Alinejad bulldust are intimately aware of the exact number of emotive, frequently conflicting in the most basic cognitively dissonant way stories the average human being can engage with at a single moment in time.

Of course they know this otherwise why is it that every time one of these propaganda issues has been resolved, exposed as a fraud or run its natural course that western media, scumbag politicians and the bottom feeding sociopathic enablers of this nonsense always manage to fill the void with a new one just as their targets, Mr/Ms average Jo/Joe Blow barely get time to pause for a breath before they are hit with the next big lie.

Not for nothing did the Skripal tosh simmer away for 10 days or so before exploding across the globe just as east gouta was liberated ensuring that few would hear Syrians heave a sigh of relief or deny that any gas attack ever occured.

This is the reality that the horror of Yemen exists within.
Any time the horror of Yemen even seems slightly capable of capturing attention something ‘new’ unique’ and seemingly far more horrifying is ‘coincidently’ turned up be aforesaid bottom feeding sociopathic enablers.

The result of all that is that anything about Yemen is now seen by the masses as ‘old news’ when the truth is it has never been news in the sense that the other topics I listed have been.

Well in western media anyway, where stories have been scheduled with more devotion to impact and ratings than any network television season. At no time, apart from a coupla nonsense beat-ups about Iran’s non existent involvement has the horror of Yemen been regarded as ‘new news’ by the major media outlets on this pox encrusted planet.

I confess that if I allow myself to think about the people of Yemen nowadays it does my head in in the worst possible way and I suspect I’m not the only human who pushes it to one side because that reality is just too much for the heart or head to bear and still function.

Those who want to pick out a particular nation or culture who are not part of the slaughter and somehow blame them would be better served to look at themselves how much time each day do they work for the people of Yemen? What do they do? I am willing to bet that it is much much less than the SFA they lay on others – fucking hypocrites.

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