This flu bug is fun. For two days, my head ran like a faucet and it was all I could do to keep from drowning. That has ended, but the other end, not so much.

Yes, I had a flu shot.

Were someone to design a virus to kill old people and children…

Even with antihistamines, it was necessary to sleep on my stomach to keep the fluid out of my lungs. I’ve been doing it all my life.

Imodium will stop diarrhea, the chief cause of dehydration.

Sixty degree temps in February are killing people.

Whereas I’m compliant in the treatment of diabetes with an A1C of 6.2, I have little regard for pill pushers and their treatment of the flu.

The thing I love most about living in Liberty is the reverse Schadenfreude of running into the faux Christian dotards who’ve known me all my life and can’t believe I’m in fine fettle, despite never having graced a church parking lot on Sunday morning.

Otherwise, I’m largely ignored for my failures to indulge in cocaine and opioids.

Trust in God is no excuse for letting yourself go to seed.

I’ve always believed viruses also leave behind gifts of enlightenment.

Of course, it could just be the Sudafed.

The only things I ate yesterday were Hot and Sour soup and Hunan chicken, which put me right.

A new car will not get you into Heaven.

I used to indulge the fantasy that small town people were unique in their hypocrisy. Greensboro disabused me of that notion.

Conventional wisdom is an oxymoron.

I’ve spent way too much time watching TV, during my convalescence. Hacksaw Ridge was wonderful. Otherwise, thank God for TCM.

Science fiction is nothing but. The Hegelian Judeo-Christian ethic of unending prosperity is a cruel joke.

Every innocent Yemeni who needlessly dies so that millions of Mercans can drive enormous vehicles fueled with cheap gas seals our doom.

I take very good care of myself in the fervent hope that I live long enough to see you fucks get what’s coming.

The universal is cyclical and the nadir approaches. Actually, this is the interregnum: the period between one thing dying and another being born. Sean Hannitry says that Trump is playing 4 dimensional chess, whatever that means. Rather, Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams were chosen to hasten our demise. It is up to our enemies to decide how and when we are destroyed, before our first use of nukes. Trump and his stooges merely strengthen their resolve.

The meek will inherit doom, first.

 I have no idea as to the nature of God. Instead, I worship reality.

Given the level of self-imposed apathy and ignorance, raising consciousness is very difficult, if not impossible. And yet I constantly find reasons to hope.

Chris Hedges dislikes the notion of the hero, which deifies individuality, when the answers to our problems lie in group effort. In this regard, he considers the work of Joseph Campbell, based on heroic archetypes, to be delusional. Politics and media have effectively destroyed social cohesion, making everyone a hero in their personal drama.

Facebook, rather than a cause of disunity, is the result: an enormous time suck of navel-gazing banality, which perverts the ideal of friendship.

Zionism, like Christianity, is a death cult which Trump is using to destroy a nascent globalist/neoliberal one world government.

The W76-2 low yield tactical nuke is an ultimatum that the USA must be destroyed by her enemies, or else.

The City of London-based Rothschilds, who own 40% of everything, are behind a one world government, and Trump is exposing them and their Zionist tools.

The absence of persuasive white men has finally given power to feminists and multiculturalism, who will rule over an oblivion not of their making.

It began with the end of European monarchies and has culminated in Trump the Jester, as King of the Fools.

But for 200 years of unprecedented cheap energy, the democratization of wealth and despotism might never have occurred.

Those who believe in Jesus and American Exceptionalism have devolved from merely being hated to being openly shamed and mocked, with righteous indignation.

The meek may indeed inherit the Earth, but they won’t be Mercans.

Unfortunately, the Liberals on the verge of taking power are as corrupted as those they are seeking to replace.

Despite the Pentagon’s Rendon Group and Highlands Forum efforts to promote tribalism, the PGA, NBA, NFL and NASCAR are in death throes.

NASCAR has become a 200 mph parking lot of cars driven by kids from wealthy families. Meanwhile, the proles can’t afford a ticket.

Using LEGO characters to sell trucks speaks to the lack of maturity among many Americans.

If Trump doesn’t get us killed, first, globalism/neoliberalism will eventually do us in. Fast Food cos spend more on ads than the product. KFC is an egregious example.

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