COVID, Finally

The Wife and I have finally tested positive for COVID-19. We were vaxxed in August and thought it was tree pollen. Then she spoke to her sister in Raleigh, who said everybody there had the flu.

Of course, we stopped wearing a mask in public a few months ago, so there’s no telling where we got it, but we think it came from an unvaxxed employee, who’s recently been sick. She’s delighted to hear about our tests and that she will finally have antibodies.

It was inevitable. I gobble Sudafed and Benadryl this time of year, anyway, so it’s really convenient, if I don’t die. My taste and appetite are ravenous, as usual. And you get to have potato chips and pie when you have COVID.

Yesterday, I pretty much wiped out The Fresh Market’s supply of wings and soups, so we’re good to go for awhile. And the Wife’s mom in the nearby retirement facility has a valid reason not to harass us every few minutes. We waited a year to get vaxxed. And then her mother needed to be taken for cancer treatments. It was also about virtue signaling to our vaxxed family, workers and customers.

We worked all week, not knowing any better. We’ll assess Monday morning, but expect to be right back at it, but with a mask and sanitizer.

COVID Burger Bar next door, is now open twelve hours per day, seven days per week, so that’s gonna help. We went two years pretty much without take out or dining in a restaurant. Recently, it’s been several times per week. So, getting back to normal multiplied the sources of infection.

It must be a never ending nightmare to healthcare workers, especially if you’re unvaxxed. I also needed some dermatology work and didn’t really have a choice. I hang out with some people online who think I’m insane to get vaxxed for any reason. Waiting a year seemed prudent.

The Wife ran out of Mucinex DM cough syrup, so I got some more and started using it, rather than Sudafed and Benadryl.

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2 Responses to COVID, Finally

  1. flameschon says:

    You could consider that your vax from last Aug, has worn off as expected…or you could consider that your sickness is a reaction to that vax as well…..

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    • Fec says:

      Sorry, not used to getting comments, here.

      Of course, we should’ve gotten the booster, but the Wife has been dealing with her mother.


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