Ukrainian Scammers

Since 2014 Russian citizens have been haunted by wannabe ‘bank security services’ and other scammers, who demanded from ‘their’ customers PIN-codes, SMS, credit card numbers etc. Those who were too old/too dumb got rid of their money. Surprisingly 99% of those calls came from Ukraine. In Dnepropetrovsk such scammer call centers could occupy entire business centers, terrorizing population of a neighboring country (i.e. Russia).

And what happened in Ukraine is 2014? The US State Dept colluded with the NED, World Bank, IMF, CIA and MI6 to execute the Maidan coup and install a Nazi government.

CIA and MI6 are forbidden to execute operations in their own countries and Ukraine was the perfect place to do these kinds of things.

“The head of the Ukraine National Security Defense Council Danilov was a scammer.”

According to the American, James Vasquez and his ilk are nothing more than scammers and actors whose activities are aimed at creating motivation to finance / join the active units of pro-Ukrainian mercenaries. Or at least not join the Russians.

Organized criminal groups of scammers acted openly in almost all major Ukrainian settlements, robbing to the skin and driving gullible Russians into insane debts
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