A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Last night, watching the biography of Doug Kenney, who co-wrote National Lampoon, Animal House and Caddy Shack, before jumping off a cliff in Hawaii, beyond my fascination with all the bad wigs the actors were wearing, I wondered what he, Belushi, Radner, Ramis and all the other members of the SNL cast who have died since would think of the state of comedy in the wake of Trump and the 2016 election.

We have some idea, based on the woke conversion of TV talk show hosts and the decline of cable channels in general.

Dave Chappelle remained one bright hope, until he recently cucked at the end of his opening monologue on SNL.

It would seem that the death of irreverance is upon us. I am currently shadow banned all to shit on Twitter, despite Elon Musk’s promise to remove all bans, today.

And people like CJ Hopkins have good reason to doubt the promises of Twitter’s new owner.

Some years ago, I included VK, the Russian social media website with 100 million European users, among the sites where I post, lest I be banned from Facebook and Twitter.

After eight years of raising consciousness regarding the Russian false narrative, I remain in relative obscurity and have no local friends, but I can’t blame them, as most of them are dead. Truthfully, I put them at arms length years ago, lest I also succumb to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

Fortunately, I have developed friendships online among those who share my worldview and I delight in entertaining them with my attempts at humor.

So, whereas social media continues to put the hammer down on irreverance, it also gives those of us who refuse to lie down channels to find each other.

And recently, with the exposure of those behind the collapse of FTX, I am hopeful that this long dark night of censorhip may be coming to an end. But I have been hopeful before, only to be disappointed.

To be fair, the odds have always been against us, as governments, capitalists and criminals have colluded to protect their interests for 1,000 years.

And yet, the actions of the US Federal Reserve, in drying up global USD liquidity, have never given us a better chance of bringing behemoths like BlackRock down.

At present, we have the Malthusian eugenicists and their child sex blackmail ring, operating out of Harvard, MIT and Stanford, on the run, as even Fauci proves himself to be an inveterate liar.

As Mathew Crawford said at the end of his recent exhaustive ZH article on FTX:

“The King is exposed.”

So, regardless of what Elon Musk does on Twitter, now is not the time to relent. We must redouble our efforts to oppose these evil oligarchs and their macabre machinations, whether in Boston, London or Kiev. After all, those of us who oppose censorship have friends in Russia and around the world.

One need only watch the video of Israeli press being shunned at the World Soccer Games in Qatar.

I have read that 90% of global citizens are with us. Change appears to have finally come.

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